Hi All!
I signed up 4 this for a very good reason!
I was very leery at first when I found out they were doing any with BoClean as a standalone and it would
be incorporated into CIS!
I Don’t Like IT!!!
I don’t mean this in a bad way because your products are SUPER!!! Plus your work is very much appreciated.
About 4 years ago when I was having big Problems with Trojans and other undesirables being downloaded to my machine which made life very unbearable for me, Until I found Bo-Clean!!!
With AVG and this wonderful software I have remained pestfree since then, Plus I got others to get it too!
Same results!
I love things that work, Things that don’t annoy me, And, no popups or balloon messages.
Bo-Clean was all of these things wrapped up in one.
Now! I found out that I had to do the unthinkable and use something else!
My machine is not the fastest or the most powerful so it takes a lot more time to load since this upgrade.
Before all I used was AVG Free, Windows Firewall and Bo-Clean, And it worked perfectly for me.
If I had to do a clean install the first thing to install was Bo-Clean and no worries because I knew I was protected from what was lurking at the other end of my router.
This stuff is a MIRACLE IN ITSELF and I would prefer it as a standalone again
Please!!! GIMME BACK MY BO-CLEAN!!! >:(
At least offer it as a standalone Because I like what works And I sometimes Don’t like CHANGE! If you get what I Mean!!!
I like to pick and choose what I install and I won’t change my mind on this at all SORRY.