RE: Cannot enable online scanner!!


I have waited 3 days to get my question asked. I’ve read through the forums and others whose email or forums weren’t answered but they recieved an answer after all. I realize most people must be busy nowadays. So I’ll wait another day or so to get my question asked. Thank you in advance.

Online scanner? Which online scanner do you mean? Do you mean Comodo Anti-Viruspyware (CAVS)? Then you are in the wrong forum

CAVS Forum:,4.0.html

I downloaded Comodo Anti-Virus and it wanted me to Enable the On-Access Scanner - it is disabled when you log-in and then you right click on it to Enable it. It won’t let me enable it, no matter now many times I click on it!
Oh sorry, I didn’t think it mattered exactly where I posted my Question/problem. So I’ll go over to the Anti-Virus section. Thanks!