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i hate CIS
it sucks

That isnt the solution!!!
The solution vaguely involves issuing a new update to CIS which corrects this pronto! if comodo cant do that, ■■■■■ it!
CIS sucks anyway!

You have no evidence to back those comments up, So why make them? And those comments won’t get you far on these forums either.



But please can you tell me the progress of this update issue because i cnt get updates and im vulnerable…
should i download a previous version which didnt have this issue? plz give a link

Thanks for your satisfactory response :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure the AV Updating issues is known. What you can do though (Recommendation) is remove the AV Component by Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Uninstall CIS>Remove “COMODO Antivirus”. Now reboot, And then I suggest you download and install ONE of these:
Avast! Home Edition
Avira AntiVir Free

They both 2 highly rated free AV’s.


The link to CIS version .424 is:
This link works and the download is actually the .424 version.

The link to CIS version .427 is:
At one time I downloaded and installed CIS from this link, but it was actually CIS version .432, not .427. I think that somehow the .427 file on this download link was replaced with the .432 file. When you go to download the file on this link, it is named .427, but the file size is exactly the same as the .432 file and after installation, CIS shows the version in Miscellaneous\About as .432. So if you do want to revert back to an earlier version of CIS until this update problem is solved, I would definitely use the .424 link.

Have you tried the workaround for the CIS .432 virus definition download problem, changing the Log On in CIS Helper Services from the Local System Account to your login account to see if you could get CIS .432 to download virus updates?

tried but didnt work

Revert back to the .424 version for the time being, or use 3xist’s suggestion to use just the Comodo firewall from CIS and either Avast or Avira antivirus until Comodo figures this problem out. If you revert back to the .424 version, you will be able to update the virus definitions to the current number. I guess it all depends on whether or not you were having any of the problems that got fixed with the .432 version. If you were having any of these problems, you definitely would want to go with 3xist’s suggestion.

Since they are now definitely aware of this issue, I feel certain that it will be fixed in the next program version update.

The developers at Comodo are already investigating this situation by the way, Hold tight. :wink:


Thanks for good news!