Re: Browser Extensions / Add-ons [Off topic splits]

Hi yigido,
Is this a general decision regardless of the Comodo extension, or are there specific reasons you do not like the current extensions available?
If you have specific reasons, maybe you could consider creating a topic to show your views on ways to improve the extensions.


Hello Captain :wink:
You know me and I know you, too. We are both loyal Comodo users. :slight_smile:

Actually I do not like the extensions here is the little list for you.
1- Share Page - Never used and I have no social media accounts. (Abondoned)
2- Webinspector - It has very low detection capability of malware and phishing sites and my feedbacks never added to Comodo DNS db. (Abondoned)
3- Media Grabber - It is useless for a security company, Comodo browsers are not like Torch browser you know. Grabber is not working I can see this on users complainments (Abondoned)
4- PrivDog - It has a bad reputation on the market ( do not worry I know the truth, but gaining the trust is not easy) (Abondoned)
5- AdSanitizer - New PrivDog fork… It has AdTrustMedia ads enabled by default. I am totally against this. AdSanitizer cannot block all ads because it is not using the filters. Who update the filters on Comodo side? Noone I am sure about this 100%
Maybe an adblocker must be developed by “Comodo AdBlocker” with populer lists and hosts supports, just like uBlock Origin or Adguard.
6- Drag&Drop - Another Torch browser feature but I like it more than the others maybe the only usefull add-on (Abondoned)

I do not want to use Comodo browsers, because they are always behind the new features and bug fixes. They update it when they want. Comodo now has 3 browsers for nothing. Useless Chromodo is waste of time and money! It is same as Comodo Dragon, there is no significant changes to create a new browser. It brings confused minds.

Comodo Dragon - Chromodo (formerly Chromium Secure) - Comodo IceDragon

Comodo should keep 2 browser for every users of it. These are CD and CID…
Developers have other privilidges before then browsers.
Why should I use it then? Just for Comodo name on the browser? No need, thanks.
I love using Chromium browser, open codes and I am always front the stable releases and I can test new features every day… every day updates.

I will not create a topic for my review, if Comodo really cares about its browsers and its users, they can come here and collect the ideas.

Thank you :wink:

Hi yigido,
I have split this topic off to show respect to the opening poster of the original topic found in the link below.
Browser Extensions / Add-ons
The original topic was created by the opening poster specifically asking what add-ons were users favourites, not for discussing browsers or views on non favourite add-ons.


Thank you captain :slight_smile: I like your moderating style.
Topic looks better now, people can discuss here about the Comodo extensions future.

Personally, I wasn’t offended by yigido’s reply. I’m an easy going guy so all comments are welcome (good or bad) :). As for captainsticks splitting of the topic, I’m absolutely disgusted by this >:(. Actually, I’m not really.