Re: ATTN : CFP 3.0 Temporary Fixes

Due to the fact that I cannot post a message in the up-mentioned topic, I want to mention here that none of the recommended actions worked with my Outlook 2003 / Win XP SP2, as e-mail client, or trusted application.
I can bring the necessary details for those that want to test.
And … by the way … why the h*ll I cannot post a reply to the “ATTN : CFP 3.0 Temporary Fixes” topic??? What are the other reasons it is in the forum??

I tried everything and I cannot make comodo firewall 3 work with my outlook 2003 …
A, I almost forgot … defense+ is de-activated, and there is no blocked network, ip, application or whatever one may think. ALL are TRUSTED.
So, if someone has any ideea, please don’t let me be ignorant :slight_smile:

Are you using gmail or other encrypted email? Are you using the Comodo Rule Set for email client? Have you added ports 995 and 587 to the email client list? What does your log say is being blocked from Outlook? Anything to port 53? All this is to be fixed in the next upgrade, per Comodo, but has caused lots of people problems so far.

I am only using outlook 2003 on xp sp2, with an linux mail server, on imap. that’s all. with version 2, worked perfectly, with ver. 3, every time outlook tries to connect to the server, the firewall always tells me outlook is a unrecognized application. at every 5 min (the refresh time for outlook), for every account.
I tried also the e-mail default set of rules, I verified 143 is in the list, and I also defined outlook as a trusted application, on all 4 ways I found possible:

  • define a new trusted application;
  • edit the network access rules in network security policy;
  • declare outlook as a trusted application on every question from the firewall (when it tells me outlook is not recognized);
  • Microsoft is a trusted software vendor (but now defense+ is stopped).

And nothing is declared as blocked in the firewall.

Doesn’t your Predefined Firewall Policy for email client have a block everything else as the last rule? If not, add it-Block/IP/in-out/any/any/any. What we need to find out is if something is being blocked by the ruleset. My ruleset looks like:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Actually … :)) it works. As default rule I had Ask for all other requests (except what I normally defined - server’s IP, allowed destination ports, allowed source IP (my IP)). I modified only the last rule in Block and Log, I left all other conditions intact, and … :)) it works, and there is nothing blocked in the firewall’s events, all logs are access to server’s IP on 143 allowed. All I see is green :))
And I don’t understand why except for, maybe, a slight problem in the application itself, and this being that it asks for Every Requests, not only for All Other Requests. Is there any other possible explanation?
With this problem solved, I am now truly satisfied with the firewall module, and I cannot wait to have enough patience for the defense+ :))

You may have hit the same problem I have-“ask” just plain doesn’t work. Usually you just go on to the next rule, but in your case there wasn’t one. Sounds like another success for Comodo. :slight_smile:

Thanks sded. I’ve opened the Ports you suggested and my Outlook problems have disappeared completely. Your assistance much appreciated.javascript:void(0);