re-add Microsoft as 'trusted' software vendor

I removed Microsoft in the ‘My Trusted Software Vendors’ list.
How to add it again? Tried adding some Microsoft exe’s but none seem to be valid signed executable according to CFP.

Have you tried one with a valid digital signature screenshot below.
Microsoft Silverlight eg:- slup.exe

[attachment deleted by admin]


any other example? I don’t use Silverlight.
I noticed some Microsoft files have a digital certificate, viewable when overlooking a file’s properties but CFP is not accepting these as ‘valid’, for instance dotnetfx3.exe has a certificate in the properties dialog in explorer but selecting the file in Comodo gives a not valid.
So, an example of a Microsoft file that CFP accepts as valid?

I thought I had read something about adding trusted software vendor there seems to be a problem with the latest version of CPF3 link below found it in bug reports.

Got the impression it’s a CFP v3.0.22.349 bug as not a single executable with a digital certificate is accepted as valid, and that worked earlier… sigh :-TD…