Re: about sandbox?

If i have D+ disabled (by default, while choosing option in instalator) then Sandbox is also disabled or that separated component?

Firewall have a description that i dont understand - should i disable Sandbox first, then D+?

A good question.

My understanding is that the sandbox is de-activated only if “Permanently disable the Defence +” is selected and the machine is rebooted. Otherwise the sandbox operates independently of Defence+ security level settings.

Anyone know any different?


Out of curiosity I tried that and indeed only that disables the Sandbox.

When disabling D+ by just putting the slider to disabled (either from in the program its self or from the tray) the Sandbox is still working.

So, when i install Comodo without D+ or choose “completely disable Defense+” option, Sanbox is disabled too? Right?

Yes that’s it!


Or of course, to disable the sandbox, you can put the sandbox slider to disabled.