RDP with iTap RDP doesn't work anymore???

Sometimes I make a RDP connection to my PC from my iPad. Since a couple of days this is blocked by the Comodo firewall.
This is very strange as there is no problem connecting from another PC or from my Windows RT tablet.
Even more strange: I have another iPad: same problem. From my Samsung Galaxy: same problem.
In the firewall my network is trusted.

It seems that Comodo is only trusting Windows PC’s :slight_smile:

How can I make this work again?

Can you show a screenshot of the Firewall logs (View Firewall Events)? At what port will iTap make contact with your computer?

I’m afraid there is noting there.
BTW, I installed another RDP program on my iPad, and I have the same problem. The port should be the RDP port: 3389

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Can you also post a screenshot of Global Rules (Globale Regels I think that may be in Dutch; I don’t use the Dutch interface even though I am Dutch)?

Did you allow the incoming traffic to Teamviewer? If did not allow it you could not connect from another computer to your computer.

I’m not sure why you refer to Teamviewer. I’m making an RDP connection, this has nothing to do with Teamviewer.
As RDP connections from other computers (all Windows 7 or 8 or RT) work without a problem, there has to be something special with the others (iOs and Android)…

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I assume that the iPad and the Samsung are hooked up to the wireless and therefor part of the local network. Is that correct?

Remember, a few days ago it still worked, nothing has changed. Well, something has to be changed…

I need more information to try get a finger behind your situation. Does the firewall ask to allow traffic on your pc when the other device asks for permission to connect? I don’t see that in the Firewall logs and that has me wondering.

Can you show me a screenshot of Application Rules of the Firewall? What program on your pc needs to be listening for incoming traffic?

With a new connection the firewall does ask this. (But I must admit it’s some time ago). It does ask when I’m installing a new program.

What program on your pc needs to be listening for incoming traffic?
RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol - port 3389)

Screenshots: can I mail them, cause there is to much information in it for just putting them here…

Please post them here and make the public IP addresses and names black.



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