What an absolute beauty.
Right from uninstalling 2.3 to installing RC4
Had to make a small adjustment.I am running AVG.
Scan for known applications.
Check all the programs on my computer behave normally. Perfectly.
I have just one question.The new tray icon shows trafic in and out,sometimes it reverts to just the shield.Is this normal ?
Thanks for a great piece of software.
Roll on the final version.

Hi rambo

I’m glad you like RC4.

Yes, that is completely normal. The icon also changes colour depending on what Security Level is set. But, it is not finalized yet & it still subject to change. Most of the discussions on it & other issues can be found in the main RC4 topic here (its fairly big).

Thanks.I am much obliged

Kail, what color would you prefer that the “shield” icon would have in “block all”, “custom” or “allow all”?

Erm… Based on what I’ve seen suggested, red to indicate Block All & grayed-out to indicate Allow All sounds good. I don’t think it is very intuitive as it is at the moment. Like many others, I’m not too keen on green meaning Allow All.

I agree… green is a “good” thing… “and allow” isn’t…

Is there an option to turn off this feature? I’m asking because I have Avira AntiVir, and it uses IP/TCP stack for communication between its componets. That creates large amount of traffic, which will cause cpf icon to constantly blink or whatever. This is the case with ZA.

Just right click the icon and turn it off.

Thanks for the answer. I don’t have it installed yet, i’m still running, but I’m pleased I could turn it off once I do. Thanx, Comodo!

I think i would like to have the icon showing either trafic or the shield but not switching between both.
As regards colour ,Red,blue and grey seem to be ideal for the three different sattings.
Best Regards