RC1 submiting to regtest


I had CFPrc1… installed and tested a program from ghost security
called regtest. it tests registry security. cfp was on at default
settings and it noticed all changes of that program while it was
starting and modifying stuff EXCEPT at the time of the reg modifying
time itself. I dont know if registry protection is any firewalls task,
but if you could do that too, it would be awesome. regtest even tried
to shutdown cfp allong with other programs. i blocked all tries, but
even then in the end it succeded restarting windows, which means cfp
has some weakness somewhere.

Im writing this beause ill use cfp when it comes out final version,and
i also want to help you build even better product that it is now, not
only for me , but for all other users. rc1 also slows down system and
temporarily blocks utorrent, but i hope its just a bug and its gonna be
Im sending this program`s web page. You can also try to make
explanations even easier cause not all of us know what modules, ssl,
dll, ctfmon…are - maybe make links to them or help file with
explanations for such definitions?
Thank You for the best firewall i ever used!

Greetings, Lionheart82