rating Scan reviels finding: Wavdest.ax . this safe or not & what should I do

Hi, I ran a ratings scan, and a score of 99.9% was the result. plus one file that comodo is calling “unrecognized”
I want to know if Comodo’s experts feel or know if this 'unrecognized " file is safe to leave in / on my computer or not and should I mark it as trusted or not?
The file’s age is 2 months
The file is: wavdest.ax

if this file is something I should get rid of, then please include in your response, instructions for removing this file.

I Thank all who reply.

Hi flywelder,
Unrecognized does not mean good or bad.
Click on the mentioned file in the scan results to view the files properties, the signatures and details should give you an idea of the files origin.

Kind regards.

Oh…very good to learn that! very helpful. I’ll do just that.
thank you!
Kind Regards