Rating scan reports unknown file: cwbnetnt.dll , is this a virus?

Hi, I m not certain if I am posting this in the correct category or not, If it is not and you can move it to the correct category please do , I thank you.

I ran a ratings scan this morning and the results came back with one unknown file and that is : cwbnetnt.dll

Now when I googled that, it turns up as a Windows error and supposedly is a significant one, and It could also be a virus. Or it could be something related to IBM.

Apparently it causes poor windows health. Which I am experiencing.
Can you tell me if it is a virus or not and can you help me correct this ?
Might there be others ? might there be others causing conflicts?

Do you recommend a specific scan for me to run to determine windows health, and fixing missing cwbnetnt.dll files, and finding more cwbnetnt.dll issues, plus other issues, and then I can post the log here for you to review?

Thank you
This is a tower computer sitting in a home, it is a HP, and running Windows XP Home edition Version 2002 with SP 3. It has Comodo anti virus and Malwarebytes installed.

Note: I was searching this forum for info on this and came across the PSC exam link. So I downloaded it and ran it. I have attached the resulting txt. should it help.
I also downloaded essential cleaning and will run it now. OK?

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Hi flywelder,
Run a scan on the file using VT to check its integrity and details.

If found to be safe and legit, you could then move it to the trusted files list.

Kind regards.

From what folder does it run? Does it run from C:\Program Files\ibm\client access\shared\cwbnetnt.dll or similar path?

Well 5 of the 6 were found in "system 32’s " folder.
One was found in Comodo’s folder, it had a name of something like “sign in mgr.” ?

I ran them all threw Virus total and each came back as " probably harmless" :-TU

Thanks to each of you for replying, your replies were both very helpful! Thank you. :-TU :-TU