Rating Scan Issue

When I do a Rating Scan, it just pops up & doesn’t even scan (:SAD). Why? Any suggestions on how to fix this ??? ?

This sounds like a bug.

Please report this in the bug reports topic. Make sure to follow the format described in the first post. Failure to follow that topic will result in your report being removed from the topic.

Mr. Chiron, Here is an image of the rating scan. As I had posted, it doesn’t do anything.

PS: I know you told me to post this issue in the bug reporting section but just thought I post an image & another description of the issue here. Hope that is OK with you.

[attachment deleted by admin]

In order for the devs to fix this problem you need to make a proper bug report for it. Please do so, and be sure to strictly follow the format provided in the first post of the bug reports topic.