Rating on matousec.com [Merged]

Comodo should score 100% in overall tests


this is my wish list

comodo scored overall 90% in the test conducted and the results are below it stood second and i want it to be the first so people check the link below and vote your opinions

it is the first!

they just haven’t retested it :slight_smile:


I too personally belive and have full faith in comodo its only that i wont it to be more strong in detection and protection thats it everything else can wait

Defense+ is protection, It’s bullet proof :wink: (No known ways to bypass it) Detection and cure is being worked on.

our latest version is no 1 already and the ones we don’t pass, there is no point in passing cos they don’t represent real threat to our users.

We will always make sure you are protected well, but we won’t go add unneccessary code just to pass some tests :slight_smile:


Sounds reasonable. My idea as well

Here are results :wink:

Yes but that is not the latest version of CIS.

They separated the tables! That was the suggestion I sent them. They thought it was a good idea to make things easier to understand by users and to separate the tests because it’s not fair to compare products when they were tested with different tests. I am happy they used my suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha nice there.

And its good that Comodo don’t bitch around and add unnecessary futures just to pass a test. (like the Outpost folks does) But all things that pose a threat should (and has) always be fixed! (as far as I know…)

Comodo should be first there… They teached the free version of online armor a lesson, now they must teach the PAID version of online armor a lesson… the difference is 3%, that is in this field a big chunk…

I hope in the next round, CIS will celebrating its first place in hsitory since those test began!

CIS is not aiming to spot the top in these tests. (of course darth vader know this)
But maby comodo should, as its a big PR thing, even if its not the real deal.

Like Egemen said about the System shutdown thing included in the Matousec challange:

“System shutdown poses no real threat. The malware waits for system shutdown to perform its harmful actions. So whether you intercept or not, it can attack the user when the user manually logs out. Original System Shutdown Simulation tests do care about this fact.
So we do not plan to add this redundant protection to pass any tests.”

  • Comodo don’t pay to be retested like many of the others does to get a higher rating. Even thou I feel that the Matousec guy(s) probably deserves some payment for his great job in putting a new firewall standard.
    Has he considered google ads?
    haha :smiley:

I voted “not sure”.

I trust this as I trust Comodo/CIS. I’m just afraid that people rely 100% on a 95% (or whatever percentage) test result. People don’t know about Comodo’s view on real threats vs. tests (unless they read your posts Melih), they just see the test. :-\

100% ???



As Melih has mentioned, Developers won’t be in unnecessary code just to pass a few irrelevant tests that have NO effect on real world threats! And most of you know CIS already gives fast, powerful and efficient code that is free and beneficial to the end user.

And No, They haven’t tested latest CIS which will be #1. :slight_smile: I am surprised actually… They updated ZoneAlarm and a few others on 7th of Jan and not CIS. Myself personally? I don’t support Matousec anymore. Their methodology needs to change.


Not sure if it has anything to do with this or not but we have not paid Matousec to get them re-test our latest.


I don’t know either to be honest.

Latest news

* 2008-01-07: New results have been published for:
      o Jetico Personal Firewall
      o Kaspersky Internet Security 2009
      o Online Armor Personal Firewall Free
      o PC Tools Firewall Plus
      o ZoneAlarm Pro 

I don’t think it’s likely all this companies would pay. Just my opinion…


How much does this matousec guy charge for testing?
Anyone knows that?

Would be interesting to know… ;D :smiley:

Me too. :slight_smile: But Melih stopped paying a while ago for NEW tests and retests, etc… Good thing btw.