Rate Comodo! How Good Is It?

Well? how well do you think comodo is?

I voted “Good”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that the products are free. But…I sometimes wish there was more Comodo activity on the forums (in addition to some other things).

How do you mean? Products (individual or all), customer support, forum, etc.?


Okay, I guess “Good” then. It has ALOT of potential though. I love the fact thatthe CEO (Melih) actually comes on this forum and deals with his users personally at this level. That is VERY rare and most people don’t believe me when I tell them that. ;D Thumbs up for that.

Voted good only because practice makes perfect (or almost) but not at the users expense. Much tighter QA should be the norm before releasing a so called finalized product whether free or paid for to the public. :o

If it’s based on the forum alone, then Bad ;D

Haha ;D ;D

Are you saying there’s a Mod problem here Soya? :wink:

Well, I was focusing on the forum mechanics, but if you insist on the people … ;D

uh oh haha :smiley:

Well I’m happy to inform you that the recent batch of new members (by “new” I mean those members having equal or less posts than me) are exceptional and are very capable of saving the forum as a whole! :smiley: But since you mentioned it…

And I’m sure at least some of them are reincarnations of their old deleted accounts (hint, hint. nudge, nudge ;D)


I’m Baptist…I don’t believe in reincarnation. ha ha


I notice some people say that they are leaving because of some reason, usually to get a point across that they don’t like something.

Then there springs up a “new” account that seems to like hanging around the places of the recently-deleted account. 88)

Well, one exception is Josh. ;D He is proof of what “■■■■” and “similar things” can do to you online. :smiley:

If only I had access to the mod/gossip board, I might learn a bit more. 88) (That is the only pro of being a mod - private gossip!) ;D ;D

Note: Nothing in this post is to be taken seriously. Except this note. 88)

Buhahahaha! lol

In all honesty I can assure you that I for one am not an older user “come back to haunt” the forum. Now as for what ■■■■ and similar things can do…guilty as charged. ;D

I noticed that the glass of ice water that I keep next to me does all sorts of wonders (obviously good wonders 88)). :stuck_out_tongue: Except having to get up and visit the restroom often. >:-D