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He instalado dos veces CIS Premium y dos veces lo he desinstalado porque no he conseguido que escanee archivos comprimidos en rar y zip, pese a haber añadido esos formatos en el menú de configuración. Como no he encontrado ayuda en español, creo aquí este tema a ver si alguien puede ayudarme a dar la configuración correcta.
Un saludo.

English Translation:

I installed CIS Premium twice and twice I uninstalled it because I have not managed to scan compressed files in rar and zip, despite having added these formats in the setup menu. As I have not found help in Spanish, I think here this topic to see if anyone can help me make the correct settings. A greeting.

Hello, please remember to use some sort of translation program when creating topics in this section of the forum. All topics here must be in English. I used Google Translate to create the translation of your first post, and added it to your post. I hope that’s okay.

I will also move this to a more suitable section of the forum.

As per your question, my first question is which version of CIS you are using?

Also, how are you trying to scan these files. I believe zip and rar files are only scannd on-demand, and not in real-time. This is due to performance purposes. There’s no reason to waste system resources scanning every compressed folder when the contents are only dangerous when unpacked. Remember that with CIS every files is scanned just before it is run.

Was this the issue you are inquiring about?


Yes. In scan on demand. The version is the latest, drop Comodo page (the free one). I tried with several files, but in no case has scanned the interior thereof.
Thanks for informing me that tablets but not scan on demand.

Just an addition.( Probably not related to your problem.)
If the file name is the regional language.
Then it can not be scanned with the main GUI
. (When it is dragged into the scan window).
This error is reported in the forum, but no report was made.
I do not know. Was it fixed.

Nothing to do. The file has a name in English. And also tried dragging and analysis from the context menu. No success in any case.

What is the size of the archives you want to scan? If they are bigger than 40 MB they will be skipped by default.

  1. 59 mb. How do I scan files of that size?

change the setting “limit maximum file size to” in full scan profile

But that will serve me for the scan context menu or just complete analysis?

The context menu scan uses the full scan profiles settings

What I do not understand is that I had to check the box and expand to more than 40 mb. Thought to be the box destiltada enough. Thank you very much for your help. Comodo is an excellent program.