Rapid Typing uninstall FP

Rapid Typing uninstaller identified as a virus.
Rapid Typing is legit freeware to learn to type.

Product site: Download typing tutor | RapidTyping
Name of detection: TrojWare.Win32.BHO (see screenshot)
Comodo AV version: 3.9.95478.509
Virus DB: 1195

By the way: why does Comodo AV detect so many uninstallers as virii? I’m also getting the Divx uninstallers FPs reported in this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/false_positivenegative_reporting_is_this_a_malware_that_cis_hasnot_detected/divx-t39805.0.html


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Hi Paquito,

We will get back to you after analysis

-Chandra Mohan

Hi Paquito,

We have fixed the mentioned False detection
Please verify with DB 1210.

-Chandra Mohan

Fixed! :-TU

Thank you.