Rapid Share

I hope I’m not wrong, but I believe I found unlimited online storage.


it’s not unlimited at all, not for free users :stuck_out_tongue: after 9 months your files will be deleted(for free user) and they have lots and lots of adds .

Look Again. The one that is circled is the one I’m using. I also have the file manager & desktop gadget.

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ohh i am wrong its 30 day after the files will be deleted lol you better try mediafire they have atleast limit of 9 months :wink: (and unlimited storage)

Check the FAQ and look under storage. Free accounts files are kept for 30 days.

Rapidshare is a pretty standard file hosting site, Eddie.

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And a word to the wise, Eddie.

Posting screenshots showing your numerous bookmarks of pages regarding hacking/cracking your beloved System Mechanic isn’t a great idea… 88)

I guess it’s really no surprise why you are coming here looking for support.

I’m sorry I’ll fix that now.

lol i noticed that (:CLP)

Fixed. Have a look.