Rapid permission pop-ups every few hours

Recently I’ve been having some weird behaviour from CIS Firewall. Roughly every three hours or so I get a permission pop-up from CIS that stays up for a second tops, closes before I have the time to react and then reopens one to three times. As it’s too fast to read, I took a screen shot of the alert the next time it happened. In it “Windows Operating System” is asking for a permission to connect to some IP address that a quick lookup is saying is somewhere in Spain.

Worried this might be some kind of an infection, I ran a few scans (Malwarebytes, Spybot and my antivirus (Avira)) and they came up empty, apart from the few random spoiled cookies.

So, anyone have any idea on how to diagnose the source of this and if it’s benign, how to stop it from happening? It manages to freak me out every time it pops up unexpectedly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Similar topic:

I did read that post before posting and it didn’t seem to be the same case, though somewhat similar.

I do get normal permission pop-ups when running programs without defined rules as soon as they’re relevant, so it doesn’t seem like it delays all alerts to later time and then release them in a short burst.

It’s just with this one specific permission, Windows Operating System, as far as I’ve seen, wanting to connect to a specific IP (that I’ve no idea what’s causing it), that has the permission pop-up repeatedly and auto close.

Or perhaps I misunderstand.

Anyway I’ve tried the fix suggested there of disabling the alert sound, it did not help. I’ve yet to reinstall the firewall, which I suppose is my next step, but not knowing what’s causing the alerts is making me hesitant to remove any protections I have installed.

In that case, I’d recommend you to check it again with next beta of version 10 when it is released. It could be an issue with version 8 branch.

Hope it helps.