RANT: Dependency on MS IE6, the panacea of security !...

Though I probably shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I am frustrated and furious all the s same.

I have updated to MS IE7 as soon as I could to spare myself from the curses of MS IE6 end even though it called beta by MS, it is far better than the v6 release -not that I use MS IE7 much either, unless there’s a site that, for some stupid reason, must be accessed by MS IE, I use either Firefox or Opera.

Now… Here I am, having downloaded and setup the much touted Comodo Firewall… I have tried to register more than a dozen times. It fails. fails with a stupid miserable cryptic meaningless message: “An error has occured. Error -2146697211: Unknown error, please contact support”


Later on, after digging the forums, I find out that Comodo, a security software depends on MS IE6 for registration. Obviously, it doesn’t need MS IE to talk to Internet, because, it can check for upgrades etc.

But it depends on MS IE6 for registration…

I wonder why? It isn’t really a rocket science to do https protocol without MS IE6; so why exactly does Comodo depend on MS IE6 for registration?

What information is being exchanged?

What is it that MS IE6 can do but Firefox or Opera can not?

These are some questions that are making me rather uneasy. Not because I don’t trust Comodo people, but I am finding it hard to trust their judgement. Which, of course, an indirect way of not being able to trust Comodo.

I mean, is it really that tough to check for installed MS IE, or simply bypass the dependency, or even squirt a better and more meaningful error message.

Apaprently yes. You have wasted so much of my time, it’s unbelievable.

And, I am not unistalling MS IE7 and reinstalling MS IE6 just because your capricious desires demand it.

I removed IE6 with nLite and I use IE7 and had no problem activating it. Try to look here:


I would also like to add that Comodo have realised the error they made in trusting MS. Originally, CPFs GUI was IE & its installer was MSI. They’ve worked hard to remove IE from CPF & replace the installer with their own. I guess they’ve not got around to addressing the web site side, which maybe more tricky because of all their Corporate customers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not try to make excuses for Comodo… I’m just pointing out that they are working very hard to correct any and all issues that we raise. I don’t know about everybody else… But, since we’re not paying customers, I tend to feel a little guilty about this… and that’s why I volunteered to be a Moderator.

On these forums you also have access to the CEO (Melih) & the coders. In fact, what other companies do know of where your “rant” will be read by the CEO & maybe, if you’re really unlucky ;), responded to by the CEO?


The error you are getting may not be anything to do with IE7 as Comodo should register with this fine.

You should search for a file called ‘Hosts’ and look if there are any entries for Comodo. If there are delete these entries only, save the file, reboot and try again.


P.S. In future posts it may be wise to tone down what you say as this appears offensive and certainly won’t get you helped quicker. Thanks.

I won’t respond Kail :slight_smile:


Hey Adem,

Good first post.

Sorry it hasn’t worked out for you. I’m sure that if you had notified Comodo of the issue, they would have done their utmost to find a solution.

If only their clairvoyence was as good as their firewall.

I wish you luck looking for a better firewall, with greater mind reading powers and a more solid ability to run happily with beta software.

Good luck,
Ewen :slight_smile: