Ransomware gang captured

The cyber-gang used so-called ‘ransomware,’ a type of malware that locks down an infected computer until a ransom is paid. This particular operation targeted users with false accusations from national and international police forces, and occasionally organizations defending copyright holders. A message would demand payment of a fine of 100 euro ($134) over alleged wrongdoings, including searching for child ■■■■■■■■■■■, visiting terrorist websites and illegal file-sharing.

Thanks for link :-TU

Very sad that roughly 3 per cent of victims actually paid these criminals money :frowning:

It’s a shame, imagine the shock to someone who isn’t tech minded when they log on to find these types of warnings locking there system up, totally out of order, they deserve jail.
3% probably equates to a lot of money which unfortunately is serious motivation for the next bunch of moral-less thieves.

It’s good to see Europol in action. 8) :-TU

Glad they caught the criminals. I don’t like the idea of criminals getting away with people’s money.

Glad they caught the criminals. Who knows how many more are out there.

It’a a drop in the ocean. But it’s better than nothing.

That’s one taken down, but as Seany007 said “It’a a drop in the ocean,” there are thousands of these gangs and virus writers