Ranking VE versus Mcafee

The pc mags all award McAfee Site Adviser the tops but never mention VE or other alternatives. How can one rank or rate these sites, comparing them to each other??

They can’t really be compared. VEngine does absolutely NOTHING but verify sites, and, actually, SiteAdvisor admits in their blog they do everything BUT that (protect against phishing.) Actually, they both need to be together for maximum functionality.

Anyway, SiteAdvisor won’t recognise as much home pages as VE. Besides that, a Hungarian review (CHIP or PC World, i can search for the correct release number if needed) gave the worst rank to McAfee’s SiteAdvisor. Strongly adviced to drop away that thing ;).

I use to have McAfee. I was collecting adware cookies. After reading virus test of virus programs at site below changed to F-Force. Not happy with it because it doesn’t support os of windows xp.

Don’t trust pc world magazine ratings for they gives McAfee a very high rating.

Submitted by virusp on Mon, 06/23/2008