Randomly connecting to Comodo IPs after update to 10

I’ve noticed in my firewall that CIS now (after updating to version 10.x) randomly connects to Comodo IPs (such as and I’ve always had any kind of automatic update (as well as in-cloud verifications) turned off. So my question is - why? Another bug?

hmm good point I’m guessing you also disabled comodo message center from general settings > user interface? Also a new option in file rating settings called upload metadate of unknown files which is enabled by default. Finally I’m also going to assume you disabled send program usage statics to comodo under logging settings?

Its being looked into though.

Yes, they’re all off.
(There are also other minor issues such as View Connections displays nothing, desktop icon being recreated each time I do something, and ignoring changes in General Settings / User Interface.)

It still checks for trusted vendors list updates.

It does this every few minutes, block it and it keep popping up. This needs to be made a “check for update” option manually.

So this is now “by design”? (As I’ve noticed that the same behavior persists even after the latest update.)