*****Random software updates*****

Windows Live Messenger 9.0

change log:

  • A new revamped and refined user interface to follow suite with the rest of the Windows Live Wave 3 design. Many functions have been merged and many unnecessary buttons removed.
  • Display pictures have been moved over to the left side of conversation windows.
  • The ability to set your own “Scene”, by customizing the background image and color of the contact list.
  • Conversation windows display the contact’s particular “Scene” instead of your own for improved contact identification and window management.
  • A new “Groups” feature, which allows you to create a never ending group conversation between select contacts (via invitation), which can be initiated at any time.
  • Groups have been renamed to “Categories” to make way for this feature (see above).
  • Newly redesigned and more easily identifiable status icons which now resemble small gems, rather than the previous “Messenger Buddy” icons.
  • Now uses the standard window frame (Windows Vista users only) in accordance with the Windows Vista UX Guidelines.
  • A new default “Favorites” Category, in which you can place your favorite contacts for easy access to them and additional details about those contacts at the top of your list.
  • New Photo Sharing utility which allows contacts to quickly and easily browse photos together.
  • “What’s New” section at the bottom of the contact list to quickly outline recent contact updates, such as a new personal message, new display picture, or updates to their Windows Live Spaces.
  • “Be right back”, “Out to lunch” and “On the phone”/“In a call” statuses have been removed and the “Online” status has been renamed as “Available”.
  • New colored borders which appear around display pictures to quickly display the currently set status of that contact.

Opera 9.60 Build 10408


Everyone here at on the Desktop Team has been working hard to add new features to your favorite browser, and here’s what you can look forward to in 9.60:

Opera Link
Custom search engines and typed history* are now joining bookmarks, speed dials, personal bar, and notes in Opera Link.

Feed Preview
Now you can preview an RSS/Atom feed before subscribing.

Opera Mail: Low Bandwidth Mode
Low Bandwidth Mode is a setting on mail accounts that makes Opera Mail use as little bandwidth as possible. For IMAP, this means that Opera will only synchronise new messages and it will not fetch message attachments unless requested. For POP, Opera will not fetch more than the first 100 lines of a message unless requested.

Opera Mail: Follow/Ignore threads and contacts
Follow and Ignore are new features for users that receive a lot of messages. It makes it easier to dismiss unimportant messages and easier to recognise important messages.

Opera Mail: Go To Thread
You can now also “Go to thread” which means that you can view only the messages from that thread. Useful for those that uses flat view.

Ncleaner 2.3.4

What’s New

06 July 2007- version 2.3.4
Fixed problem regarding registry scan removal
Added new items to Security Adivsor
Other various improvements


Revo Unistaller 1.75

07 September 2008

Improved listing of the installed programs
Improved user interface of the uninstalling wizard
Improved scanning for leftover shortcuts
Extended “Exclude” list of the junk files cleaner
Fixed minor bugs
Added new languages - Catalan, Macedonian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Romanian

Very useful tool and higly recommended ! :wink: Available as a portable version too :slight_smile: FREE !

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