*****Random software updates*****

Fixes many things after Opera 9.5 went final :wink:

Note this is a beta.


  • Fixed crash on Yahoo! Mail.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the feeds button.
  • Fixed a crash when installing Shockwave Player 11.
  • Fixed some issues with the search engines when upgrading from 9.2x: it is now possible again to edit the Google search.
  • Fixed a leak when printing or in print preview.
  • Fixed a GDI handle leak in the transfers window on Windows.
  • Fixed thread expanding in Mail when receiving new messages
  • Fixed some issues with subscription to IMAP folders.
  • Fixed a too zealous reconnection of the IRC client.
  • Fixed “reuse current tab” feature in speed dial on Mac.
  • Finetuned some issues in the new skin.


After 6 months of work, a completely new fork from the LimeWire code base has come to fruition, FrostWire 4.17.0 features over a year's worth of core and user interface upgrades made to the original LimeWire client, now included in FrostWire along all the previous work done over FrostWire 4.13.x.

Among the most important updates:

  • Upgrades on our update notification system, capability for featured content and recommendations
  • Updated Playlist (drag & drop support, and Playlist rearrange options)
  • New Media Player with volume and seek controls (Plays mp3, ogg and wav)
  • Support for private torrents
  • Greater control over your Shared files
  • Add Magnets to Open Dialog
  • Improvements in bootstrapping
  • Warn When Too Many Files Shared
  • Make Ultrapeers ignore partial results
  • Mojito DHT capable (still not active for 4.17.0)
  • More translations to be available for the community on launchpad.net. Many improvements for Spanish, and Italian and Chinese have been finally been added among others
  • Reduce query traffic by knowing firewalled state; implement leafs informing ups of firewall status.
  • Recognize flv as a video extension.
  • Enable removal from playlist via the Delete or Backspace key.
  • (Bittorrent) Extended BEncoding to support rational numbers.
  • Add support for alternate location lookup for BitTorrents.
  • Use less memory for large number of leaf connections.
  • General Save folder improvements.
  • Smoother Icon Tray Icons for Linux and Windows
  • FrostWire now runs under Java SE 6 on Mac OS X (however SE6 is temperamental; it exhibits some strange connection issues). More integration with the MacOSX dock and other components
  • Speedup Magnet/Torrents at startup.
  • Add partial search results.
  • Exclude magnet downloads from being purged after 7 days.
  • Incremental search on the Settings window
  • Default setting tweaks for users with high speed connections (T1,T3) to make the most out of their bandwith

This program uses the same code as limewire Pro. The above improvements/fixes from v4.13 are very good & so far Frost is stable.

If you haven’t used it… I suggest you do, especially this latest version.


July 18, 2008

[b]After 15 months in development, we are pleased to announce Beta 1 of PowerArchiver 2009![/b] From now on PowerArchiver will come in two versions: Standard and Professional. PowerArchiver 2009 Pro adds new features such as CD/DVD/BD burning, FTP Client and advanced PowerArchiver backup options

Standard Edition

Main Application:

  • Preview window - easily preview archives, images, text and many other file types, without having to open archive or file. Works both while browsing drives and inside archives. Supports Plug-ins.
  • Backup list window - see your backups on integrated list for easier usage.
  • Speed - overall great speed improvements in compression and extraction, especially in Vista with RAR/ZIP files.
  • New ZIP Engine - zip can now compress files in use; proper progress window.
  • Improved 7-Zip Engine - support for fast updating of non-solid archives, themed overwrite dialogue with proper options.
  • Unicode support - better support for Unicode in 7-zip and RAR formats.
  • New Configuration window - easier to use configuration window.
  • Modern/Classic interfaces - streamlined for easier use, more MRU’s.
  • Archive Convertor - added “save password for current session” option.
  • Encrypt Tool - completely redone - now option to create zip and 7zip encrypted archives, as well as encrypt current archives to 3 different formats (zip, 7-zip, pae).
  • Batch Archive tool - added “Add subfolders to separate archives” option.
  • Multi Extract tool - added “File’s current folder” and “Save password for current session” options.
  • Add window - redone for easier usage and more options added.
  • Transparent Updating - added support for updating solid cab archives.
  • Web Update - now checks for PAOP updates as well as any other PA component.
  • Installer - future updates can now come in form of patches.
  • 64bit skinning engine for x64 systems.


  • Interface - completely new interface with sidebar navigation.
  • File list support - export/import file lists.
  • Filters - added include and exclude filters at the same time.
  • Backup Types - added full/incremental/differential backup types.

Shell Extensions:

  • Unicode - completely rewritten for Unicode support.
  • Reorganized - more features, more options, less clutter.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Many improvements and bug fixes.

    Pro Edition

Main Application:

* CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner (PRO) - burn archives, images and any files directly from PowerArchiver or shell extensions.
* Create ISO (PRO) - create ISO files in PowerArchiver, either by ripping the CD/DVD/BD or directly from disk.
* Virtual DVD (PRO) - mount ISO files in Virtual DVD.
* FTP Client (PRO) - download and upload files directly from PowerArchiver via FTP.


* 7-zip compression (PRO) - added 7-zip compression option to Backup.
* Burn to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray (PRO) - added burner option to Backup.
* Scheduling - create/edit Windows Schedules from within backup and PowerArchiver.
* Logs (PRO) - added logging capability with email support.</blockquote>



PowerArchiver 11.00 Beta 2 is out.

Version 11.00 BETA 2 [July/2008]
Major new features and PRO version introduction

New Features:

  • First time in 7-Zip - Optimized compression that automatically
    selects best method between lzma and ppmd, for up to 40% smaller archive size.
  • Major 7-Zip improvements: delete, rename and update contents of 7zip files.
  • 7-Zip encryption - added support for 7-Zip encrypted file names (read/write).


  • Faster startup time as much as 40% in certain situations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug #651: open with MRU has icons for top 5 icons only.
  • Fixed Bug #649: cant read specific archive in explorer view.
  • Fixed Bug #638: when preview, change file via mouse does not work.
  • Fixed Bug #654: full and differential backups are not working properly.
  • Fixed Bug #659: backup: align timestamp text.
  • Fixed Bug #650: noop command for server timeouts.
  • Fixed Bug #660: Add folders in SFX Wizards does not work.
  • Fixed Bug #619: PA does not show error if no permissions to write to ftp.
  • Fixed Bug #661: drag and drop inside unicode 7zip archive does not work.
  • Fixed Bug #655: crash after web update, especially under Vista x64.
  • Fixed Bug #594: backup does not detect if there is no burner on computer.
  • Fixed Bug #652: problem when using open with while splash is enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #656: fixed tabbing in ftp edit boxes.
  • Fixed Bug #666: 120dpi issues in backup scheduler.
  • Fixed Bug #669: various smaller backup issues.
  • Fixed Bug #664: 120dpi issues in config.
  • Fixed Bug #665: changes to how file size limits in preview are implemented.

Change Log:

1. Several crash issues. 2. Toolbars go out of place and rearrange themselves vertically. 3. Some slow print issues. 4. Font and Image rendering improved. 5. Combo Box tool not working correctly. 6. The menu item "FDF Document" needs to be removed from desktop context menu. 7. Always remember the last printer you select. 8. Foxit Reader (free version) may not be responding after you save a PDF document. 9. Bookmark view cannot be disabled permanently in Internet Explorer. 10.Print command needs to be updated. 11. Certain bookmark displaying issues. 12. Many other bug fixes.


Change Log:

* Improved: [pmp_ipod] Better auto-detection of newer iPod models * Fixed: Filetype icons in Windows Explorer not updating when changed in Prefs * Fixed: ML & Vis appear under other overlapping modern skin windows * Fixed: No error message when trying to edit metadata for Read-Only files * Fixed: Potential security vulnerability in NowPlaying * Fixed: [gen_ff] Keyboard shortcuts in modern skin playlist windowshade mode * Fixed: [gen_ml] Scrolling to bottom of AlbumArt pane & other misc scrollbar issues * Fixed: [in_mp3] Broken '307 - Temporary Redirect' url's * Fixed: [ml_local] AlbumArt icon selection glitch * Fixed: [ml_playlists] Play and Enqueue actions reversed if Enqueue is set as default * Fixed: [ml_rg] ReplayGain analysis of 20bit files * Misc: Double-click Modern pledit songticker now toggles windowshade mode again * Misc: More miscellaneous general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations


PowerArchiver 11.00 Beta 3


  • Improved 7-Zip optimized settings (faster, stronger).
  • Added autoplay events for the CD/DVD/BD Burner.
  • Improved CD/DVD/BD Burner speed.
  • Better PAOP2 update checking.
  • Improved PA Starter Queue interface.
  • Slightly faster speed while compressing/extracting.
  • Implemented more skinning options.
  • Many other smaller improvements and fixes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug #704: Progress not shown when opening some large files.
  • Fixed Bug #712: Updating 7-Zip non solid archives.
  • Fixed Bug #705: PA cant recognize specific RAR SFX
  • Fixed Bug #706: Extract to filename/ does not work with some specific names.
  • Fixed Bug #708: MSI plug-in not working properly.
  • Fixed Bug #677: Compression plug-ins affecting certain RAR files.
  • Fixed Bug #698: Right click, new folder refreshes, collapses folders.
  • Fixed Bug #700: Refresh collapses tree in folder view.
  • Fixed Bug #699: Rename in treeview does not work.
  • Fixed Bug #697: Wrong password in converter creates empty file.
  • Fixed Bug #485: Can not D&D from desktop to FTP.
  • Fixed Bug #463: FTP: D&D inside folders does not work.
  • Fixed Bug #684: Move option keeps file in original location.
  • Fixed Bug #693: Add folders does not work in 7-Zip SFX Wizard.
  • Fixed Bug #688: No compression when running 7zip backup from Windows.
  • Fixed Bug #680: Importing sessions issue.
  • Fixed Bug #590: D&D archive into archive asks for overwrite.

PowerArchiver 11.00 Beta 4

Version 11.00 BETA 4 [August/2008]
Major new features and PRO version introduction


  • Faster startup speed 10-30%. Less memory usage.
  • CD/DVD/BD Burner: added verify option.
  • Virtual Drive: added option to limit number of drives for
    easier remounting.
  • Improved RAR associations and shell integration.
  • Added folders to include/exclude in backup.
  • Enlarged folder selection window for easier use.
  • Many other smaller improvements and fixes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug #744: Issue with temp folder and 7-Zip.
  • Fixed Bug #737: View selection issue.
  • Fixed Bug #726: MV rar extraction in 64bit shell.
  • Fixed Bug #724: Importing sessions in Burner.
  • Fixed Bug #728: Changing skins.
  • Fixed Bug #725: Multi extract drive select.
  • Fixed Bug #730: Vertical position of preview/backup.
  • Fixed Bug #672: PA Starter queue keyboard delete.
  • Fixed Bug #719: Nag screen different expiration main/shell.
  • Fixed Bug #717: 7-Zip SFX asking to overwrite file.
  • Fixed Bug #718: New Folder option in explorer view.
  • Fixed Bug #701: Plugins detect info and support for SWFView.
  • Fixed Bug #729: Opening any other MV file than .rar.


The other mods and myself have been thinking, it’s time we make a single topic where you can post any software updates you want not having to do with security software. For security software updates, look here.

Please only post updates in this thread, this thread isn’t for discussing the updates, only for notifying others about them.


v1.02.085 Final

  • Improved progress indicator accuracy.
  • Added checks for freespace.
  • Various GUI and usability improvements.
  • Fixed UI issues with large DPI settings.
  • Fixed 64-bit compatibility issue that would ignore some files.
  • Improved drive map (defragged files are now always marked as blue).
  • Added background update checking.
  • Fixed minor bug in progress indicator for chkdsk.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Opera 9.52 has been released ! :wink:

  • Lots of stability fixes

  • Fixed an issue with history navigation: an iframe with document.write is not added to history anymore

  • Fixed an issue where IRC would disconnec users without informing them

  • Fixed window.close() not functioning after invoking context menu - now also in widgets

  • Fixed an issue where “Mark all as read” in M2 would also mark as read some mails not visible in the current view

  • Fixed creation of POP aim.com account

And more …

Edit by Mod: If you are interested please join Opera 9.52 related topic

CCleaner 2.11.636 has been released ! (:LOV)

Change Log:

Optimized startup and closing of application.
Improved Registry cleaning on 64-bit OS.
Improved memory usage on Windows Vista.
Added System Tray icon status.
Internal refactoring of code for efficiency.
Improved Uninstall Tool accuracy with MSI installers.
Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool on 64-bit OS.
Fixed bug in INI file folder recursion.
Fixed bug in INI file OS detection.
Added Live Messenger cleaning for .SQM files.
Added Vietnamese translation.
Minor tweaks and improvements.

v 2.7.4 is released.

In this version, we improve e-mail and forum attachments download feature. With Orbit Downloader v2.7.4, you can download e-mail and forum attachments smoothly and fast in IE.

  • Improve: HTTP streaming download from Windows Medai Server
  • Improve: forum and email attachment download (in IE)


The GIMP 2.4.7

Changes in GIMP 2.4.7

  • fixed issue in GIF load plug-in (bug #535888)
  • fixed event handling in MIDI controller (bug #537960)
  • fixed handling of the ‘Highlight’ tool option in Crop and Rectangle
    Select tools (bug #536582)
  • various fixes to the Python bindings:
  • fixed crash with Python 2.5 on 64 bit systems (bug #540629)
  • added missing validity checks (bug #536403)
  • allow to pass None for PDB_DISPLAY
  • plugged a memory leak in gimp-text-get-extents-fontname PDB call
  • fixed potential timeout issues in org.gimp.GIMP.UI D-Bus service
  • fixed endianness issue in the ICO save plug-in (bug #529629)
  • translation fixes and updates (be, it, lt, nn, vi)


KGB archiver

Beta 2 (2007-10-07) crashes: [*] - fixed out of range exception when open KGB v1 archives [*] - properties dialog: now shows right date & time for KGB archives, doesn't crash on directories in KGB archive, doesn't crash on ZIP archives [*] - fixed: crash when command line to kgb2compressor is greather than 2003 characters (.NET limitation) [*] - fixed: crash when creating ZIP archive and access is denied to file

speed optimizations:
[] - about 50% faster creation of folder tree
] - about 8% faster compression/decompression in 32-bit mode (requires Pentium 4 or Athlon64 or above)

new features:
[+] - input file optimizers added (creates about 5% smaller archives in similar time, only valid for archives contains multiple files)
[+] - Explorer shell extension
[+] - multilanguage support
[+] - possibility to change file list to compress on New Archive dialog
[+] - possibility to select files to decompress on Extract dialog
[+] - grouping of files on file list (requires Windows XP/Vista)
[+] - added available memory check before compression/decompression

cosmetic changes:
[] - now file cannot be copied/moved to the same directory as original
] - compress, rename, delete and wipe options are not available when it is not possible :wink:
[] - all fields displaying percents or floating point values have fixed size now (eg. 14.0%, 14.1% instead of 14%, 14.1%)
] - smaller installer (<4MB)
[+] - added zip archives filter in open archive dialog
[+] - archiver remembers last algorithm & compression level

Vista compatibility updates:
[*] - fixed: balloon tip on system tray icon blocks resume of program window

Other updates:
[] - KGB SFX archives don’t need VC++ runtime library
] - fixed: In some cases clicking ‘Cancel’ during compression/decompression causes only form disappearance, but operation continues

Translations added:
[+] - Polish (Poland)
[+] - Portuguese (Portugal)
[+] - Arabic (Egipt)
[+] - Serbian (Serbia, Latin) (not supported on Vista)


JkDefrag 3.35


- Upgraded to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 compiler. - Logfile is now written in UTF-8, it used to be ANSI. - Changed the default font into a smaller font. - A change in the display code to respond faster to multiple redraw requests, for example when the users resizes the window. - Rewrite of the subroutine that finds combinations of files to fill a gap, to make it faster. - Changed the algorithm for "-a 6" (move to end of disk) to better fill gaps. - Changed the way disks are accessed to accomodate special kinds of disks, such as virtual and encrypted disks. - Bugfix in the screensaver for very long commandlines. - Change in the disk analyzation code to fix a "zero bytes per cluster" problem.



Paint.NET v3.36
Get it now (free download)

Changes in version 3.36: * Improved: Effect rendering should be a little faster now * Changed: Implemented some changes to the "Add Noise" effect that were suggested by a forum member * Changed: The canvas background color is now always #c0c0c0 * Changed: The auto-updater should now correctly detect .NET 3.5 and newer, which will help to save bandwidth when Paint.NET v4.0 is released (it will require .NET 3.5) * Fixed: Paint.NET now works on a system that has the .NET 3.5 SP1 "Client Profile" installed * Fixed: When zoomed in and the cursor is to the top-left of the image (negative coordinates), the ruler is now highlighted in the correct area. Fixed: The effect rendering system no longer sets the "Tag" property on the configuration dialog * Fixed: Some incorrectly authored plugins would cause a crash when loading their support details (author, copyright, etc.) * Fixed: There was a bug in the color wheel for IndirectUI that caused it to show the wrong values at initialization * Fixed: There was a performance problem for effects that used the IndirectUI color wheel control * Fixed: In some rare cases, Paint.NET would crash while shutting down * Fixed: When using the "Fixed Ratio" feature of the Rectangle Selection tool, it would crash if 0 was specified for both the width and height

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2.


While Beta 1 was for developers, we think that anyone who browses or works on the web will enjoy IE8 Beta 2. Before the team blogs about our Beta 2 in detail, here’s an overview of what you’ll find in IE8.

We focused our work around three themes: everyday browsing (the things that real people do all the time), safety (the term most people use for what we’ve called ‘trustworthy’ in previous posts), and the platform (the focus of Beta 1, how developers around the world will build the next billion web pages and the next waves of great services).
Everyday Browsing

We looked very hard at how people really browse the web. We looked at a lot of data about how people browse and tried a lot of different designs in front of many kinds of people, not just technologists. As tempting as it is to list here all the changes both big and small in IE8, we’ll take a more holistic approach. That’s how we built the product and how we’d like to talk about it.

From our customer research, we saw that the bulk of user activity outside of web pages involved tabs and “navigation” – the act of getting to the site the user wants to get to. We also knew that adding features has an impact only if they’re “in the flow” of how people actually use the product. Another menu item might matter in a checklist on a blog somewhere, but won’t matter to real people browsing. That’s why IE8’s New Tab experience is so remarkable: it’s obvious – after you see it:


VirtualBox 2.0.2 (released 2008-09-12):


This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
VMM: fixed inability to run more than one VM in parallel (AMD-V on CPUs with erratum 170 only; bug #2167)
VMM: VT-x stability fixes (bug #2179 and others)
VMM: fixed Linux 2.6.26+ kernel crashes (used by Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha, Fedora 10 Alpha; bug #1875)
VMM: fixed 64 bits Linux 2.6.26 kernel crashes (Debian)
VMM: fixed Vista (32 bits) guest crash during boot when PAE and NX are enabled (applied to 64 bits hosts with VT-x enabled only)
VMM: fixed OS/2 guest crashes during boot (AMD-V; bug #2132)
GUI: fixed crash when trying to release an inaccessible image in the virtual disk manager
GUI: fixed invalid error message for a changed snapshot path even if that path wasn’t changed (bug #2064)
GUI: fixed crash when creating a new hard disk image (bug #2060)
GUI: fixed crash when adding a hard disk in the VM settings (bug #2081)
GUI: fixed a bug where VirtualBox isn’t working with the new QGtkStyle plugin (bug #2066)
GUI: fixed VM close dialog in seamless mode (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #2067)
GUI: fixed standard menu entries for NLS versions (Mac OS X hosts only)
GUI: disable the VT-x/AMD-V setting when it’s not supported by the CPU (or on Mac OS X hosts)
VBoxManage: fixed crash during internalcommands createrawvmdk (bug #2184)
VBoxManage: fixed output of snapshot showvminfo (bug #698)
Guest properties: added information about guest network interfaces (Windows guests only)
Shared Folders: fixed regression that caused Windows guest crashes (bug #2055)
API: fixed number of installed CPUs (Solaris hosts only)
VRDP: allow a client to reconnect to an existing session on the VRDP server by dropping the existing connection (configurable and disabled by default; only relevant when multiconnection mode is disabled)
VRDP: fixed an image repaint problem
Linux hosts: fixed bug in vboxdrv.ko that could corrupt kernel memory and panic the kernel (bug #2078)
Linux hosts: compile fixes for kernel module on Linux 2.6.27
Mac OS X hosts: added Python support
Additions: fixed a possible hang in HGCM communication after a VM reboot
Windows additions: added support for Windows XP 64 bits (bug #2117)
Linux additions: deactivate dynamic resizing on Linux guests with buggy X servers
Linux additions: support Ubuntu 8.10 guests and Fedora 9 guests (dynamic resizing disabled for the latter) (bug #1854)
Linux additions: added installer check for the system architecture
Linux additions: fixed Xorg modules path for some Linux distributions (bug #2128)
VMDK: be more liberal with ambiguous parts of the format specification and accept more format variants (bug #2062)
VHD: fixed a bug in the VHD backend which resulted in reading the wrong data (bug #2085)
Solaris hosts: fixed kernel panic on certain machines when starting VMs with host interface networking (bug #2183)
Solaris hosts: fixed inability to access NFS shares on the host when host interface networking was enabled
Solaris hosts: installer now detects and reports when installing under the wrong architecture
Solaris hosts: fixed security hardening that prevented starting VMs from non-global zones even as root (bug #1948)
Solaris additions: combined the 32 bit and 64 bit additions installer into a single package
Mac OS X hosts: experimental support for attaching a real serial port to the guest


CCleaner 2.12.651 has been released!


  • Added Google Chrome support.
  • Improved cleaning security checks.
  • Improved recursive cleaning functions.
  • Fixed bug in INI FileKey evaluation routine.
  • Updated INI file processing engine.
  • Improved system info checks for modern CPUs.
  • Various language and translation improvements.
  • Minor GUI tweaks.