Random Processes Requesting Internet Access

Any idea why Comodo CIS shows Firewall alerts for random running processes trying to connect to the internet?

I’m going off memory now, but if I remember correctly it first started doing this in 5.12 (although I’m not sure whether it was a 5.12 problem or the fact it was installed on Windows Eight). I don’t think 5.10 was affected. It then seemed to disappear in V6, but seems to have returned again in V7 (I’m using 7.0.317799.4142 on Windows 8.1.1).

Just today is a perfect example, I visited Comodo forums in Internet Explorer 11 and got a Firewall alert saying winlogon.exe wanted to connect to (Comodo Forum IP address). Winlogon doesn’t need internet access and has never asked to connect to the internet ever. However, it’s not limited to just Comodo Forums or winlogon.exe, it can be any random process that happens to be running in the background, and can happen with any random website.

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern at all, just random processes sporadically asking for internet access to IP addresses I just so happen to be browsing to in the Web Browser.

Screenshot Attached.

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Actually forget about V5.12, thinking about it that was possibly a different problem as I think that was random ICMP or IGMP requests, whereas this is TCP requests.