Random problems with identd on port 113.

Hi y´all. Im a new and so far very satisfied Comodo user. I do have some small issues though.
Randomly (it seems) the identd rule i created dont work. When i for example use my FTP client FlashFXP it works totally OK, but when doing a new attempt a bit later the identd dont seem to get trough the firewall properly. The rule i created is Allow TCP in on port 113, from any source IP and any source port, to my internal IP (using a router) on port 113.

I get this in the log:
Date/Time :2006-09-05 16:32:09
Severity :Medium
Reporter :Network Monitor
Description: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, IP =, Port = 2869)
Protocol: TCP Incoming
TCP Flags: SYN
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 10

Thats my router trying to connect to my computer, has that anything to do with my small problem? Should i create a rule allowing this traffic? I just recently added the home network to the trusted zone, maybe that will help?

As this my first contact ever with the Comodo firewall i must say i am pretty impressed. It seems very capable and i have not had one single issue with it besides this little annoyance. Installation went smooth, setting up rules went like a charm, no hassle and no tearing the hair of my head… ;D

One clarification - is the IP address of your router within the range you defined as a zone?

ewen :slight_smile:

Yes Sir, it is.

EDIT: As another clarification, i added the home network after i got this log message described in my starting post, do i have to reboot to get that working?

You shouldn’t need to reboot, but it can take a couple of minutes for the rules to take effect. This can be verified by turning off the registry protection, exporting the firewall rules, deleting all existing component, network and application rules and then reimporting the registry keys again. Initially there is still nothing in CPF, but they are gradually registered over a minute or two.

By the time you read this should have been long enough. LOL

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hehehe you are absolutely correct ;D It seems my problem was solved by properly adding the home network to the Trusted zone, no problems since i did that. Hopefully it will stay that way…thanx a lot for your help dude!

Nope, i was to fast, the problems with random ident blocking persists. After adding the router (and home network) to Trusted zone it was OK for a while but its back again :frowning:

No logs show up in Comodo, but i am very sure it depends on the firewall because as soon as i turn it off it works again. Very strange, never had this problem with other firewalls, and i have been testing a bunch…Also, when i manually shuts Comodo down, the whole Internet connection dies and no further contact is possible unless rebooting…Is it supposed to be that way?