Random ports marked as "listening"

Check out the picture attached, look at all the ports marked as listening. I then use the command

netstat -an |find /i "listening"

in command prompt and the only ports listening are 445 and 135… Comodo is falsely reporting listening ports!

[attachment deleted by admin]

The firewall refreshes slowly. So the situation may arise where it reports a connection that is already closed. This ususally last approx 30-60 s. Is this the case in your situation or does it persist?

No these connections were marked listening for maybe an hour, and furthermore, Windows doesn’t even use any of these ports! (beside 445 and 135, that I’m aware of) What exactly does “Windows Operating System” refer to?

This happened to me a while back and I figured I was infected, but now I think it’s a bug. Here’s my last thread: https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t45264.0.html

I get this too, and have been getting it for a long time. I posted about it, but was given the same “it works on a delay” answer.

Well, that doesn’t explain it. It’s a bug in CIS’ connection list, plain and simple.

It usually happens when I switch users a few times (log off, on, off, etc.) for example between my admin user and my “limited” user, for example when installing stuff or doing maintenance work.

It’ll show bogus listening ports, FOREVER, until I reboot. netstat shows no listeners, so clearly the list is wrong. I tracked the port numbers, and usually the bogus listeners are ports Firefox USED to be listening on during a past run, long after I closed it (for some odd reason, Firefox has always done a loopback connection where it “listens to itself” on localhost).

So that’s your problem. Something WAS listening, probably Firefox or some other app, and isn’t anymore, but the listener entry in the window got “stuck” there, and since there’s now no active program associated with it, it gets shown under “Windows Operating System”.

I’m hoping this is fixed in CIS 4, because it is, indeed, a bug.

Interesting. Thanks for replying.