random, non-existent files in "My Pending Files"

I installed Comodo Personal Firewall version today. Both the program and I are going through a learning phase :slight_smile:

Noticed that on the Summary page, “Proactive Defense” section says that the following files are waiting for my review:



The first file was picked up Defender+ in the beginning. The second one came a bit later – probably after a system reboot.

Both files are not on the hard disk. Their names appear to be randomly generated by some program, which I hope is not a malware.

I have AVG Free Anti-virus installed on my PC. A scan failed to find anything incriminating.

Any help is appreciated.


Since it’s a temporary folder, I don’t think it’s malware. Lots of software generates temporary files (with strange names). So there’s no need to worry about it. It might actually be created during the update process of AVG. Also, if you download something but doesn’t finish the process, a temporary file might also be created (like when I try to download something, Defense+ warns me that Firefox wants to create “oazu+zJg” or some other strange file).


As a txt or dat file, I wouldn’t be worried about it. That would sound like a download in progress. An exe I’d be concerned about. A dll, and I’d say there is a problem. You’ve listed two random named dll files. If you can, submit the files to http://www.virustotal.com/ or http://virusscan.jotti.org/, and run an on-line virus scan from some place like kaspersky.com. Random name dll files in temp folders give me a real uncomfortable feeling…