Random IE7 popups

Hi all, I have just installed v3 after removing ZA.

I use FireFox but for some reason i keep getting random IE7 windows open with ■■■■/advertisements in them.

Id like to think I keep my PC ‘clean’ and protected, just wondered if anyone else has experienced this after installing comodo firewall??

Check the ZA forum cause there is an extensive clean up procedure to follow. Where your using Firefox your getting IE7 pop ups? Is that what you mean? Have you scanned for spyware?


It’s highly unlikely that this is caused by CFP, as Comodo doesn’t include malware in their softwares.
Try doing a scan with a software like Spybot - Search & Destroy, Spyware Terminator, a-squared Free or SUPERAntiSpyware.
You might also use SpywareBlaster for prevention measures. Also use Spybot’s immunize-function for that.


Thanks for the reply guys, just gonna check the ZA forums. Yes I use Firefox, have IE7 installed alos for other stuff and it keeps opening a window by itself. Just having a sweep for spyware.

I did change firefox and IE7 to web brower under Network Security Policy and blocked explorer.exe… nothing since i’ve done that… yet!

You could have had spyware all along and ZA was blocking it.

You cannot block Explorer.exe. Thats Windows Explorer and is needed.

You can block explorer.exe to access the Internet, it’s RARELY used to communicate over the Internet, other than by malware.
Vettetech, I think you confused Network Security Policy with Computer Security Policy?

Explorer.exe in my set up is set to custom for both firewall and D+. What I was trying to do is avoid the poster from blocked Explorer.exe cause so many people have then afterwards not been able to open up anything.

now you’ve lost me a bit (:SHY)

Ah okay. Well, in Defense+ (Computer Security Policy), you shouldn’t block it, as you’ll have to go into safe mode to be able to run the Windows shell.
But in the firewall (Network Security Policy), there’s no reason to permit explorer.exe to access the Internet, unless you need it to.

Well, just don’t block explorer.exe in the Defense+ module (Computer Security Policy) if you like your Start-menu and taskbar :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah right I think I understand, I’ve only blocked it under Firewall > Network Security Policy…

Impressed with the firewall so far though, very user friendly compared to some other firewall i’ve tried, trying to move away from ZA. (R)

Found 13 entries with spybot scan :o and immunized now!!

Nothing since i changed those settings under Network Security though.

Thanks for your help all.

If they are cookies those aren’t spyware. SuperAntiSpyware is also very good.

Ok well I changed Explorer.exe in Network policy to blocked. Been using Comodo for awhile now but you learn something new everyday. Is blocking Explorer.exe in Netwoek Security safer then having it set to custom which is default value?

Well, I don’t have explorer.exe in my Network Security Policy at all, but since it might be used by malware, it’s better to have it blocked than allowed (if you don’t need it).
explorer.exe is just the shell for Windows, and I don’t see any reason for it to need Internet access (only one I can think of at the moment is Active Desktop).


Explorer.exe usually tries to access to the internet when you do a search of your files this is the only time it happens to me.

I use Windowblinds. I wonder if thats where the entry came from and I also use IconPackager.

Hey Dennis. I just tested your theory and you are right. I now have Explorer.exe blocked and when you do a Windows search for a file(any file) you will now see a a blocked intrusion in the GUI of Comodo. When you look at your log you will then see Explorer.exe being blocked. So once again do we keep it blocked or not?

There’s no need for explorer.exe to access the Internet if you search for files on your own computer.
It’s only if you use the feature to search on the Internet (I don’t think many, if any, uses this).


Well having it blocked makes sense cause if you see a blocked intrusion from explorer.exe and you didn’t do a search then you know that Comodo blocked a possible malware infection.