RAM usage of comodo [Resolved in v 3]

hi installed this firewall last night …it is showing two processes cpf.exe & cmdagent.exe which together are consuming 30 -35 mb of the memory .
i have avira antivir, super antispyware, webroot spy sweeper installed installed ,is there an issue b/w these that might lead to such high RAM usage…or is it normal??
thanx in advance

I usually have a combined usage of 22 - 30mb for these two. Sometimes it goes as high as 32mb but I think this is due to logging of blocked events when it rises this much.
On a second pc where I have created a trusted network for my Router (didn’t do that on my works pc yet) I get slightly lower usage, always below 24mb.

The new beta version of the firewall that is under development will have much lower memory usage so it is worth keeping an eye out for it when it is released.


thanx very much N.T.T.W :■■■■