Ram usage in Comodo Unite and Comodo System Cleaner BEFORE running

With limited ram 512 in one and 1 gig in another I try and not let programs run when not needed.

I unchecked run at login (for Comodo Unite) to save ram and cpu usage Also I did not activate Active Clean in Comodo System Cleaner and it shows OFF

But I found the following in the taskmanager

Unite.exe using 10, 928 mem
EzVpnSvc.exe using 7,772 mem ( Had to uninstall EzVpn to installe Comodo Unite) this process
just carried over from the previous uninstalled program )
Cleaner_Validator using 14,796mem

Not sure if any other services are similar ?

IF the user wants a program to run and use any system resources ONLY when they click on it, can the programmers take a look.


Had checked under General Automatically Sign In when Unite Starts.
It seems that automatically starts most of those services even though I was not wanting for Unite to Start.
The only service that I noticed that starts when I uncheck that setting is



You could set the services to manual; that or create a batch file enabling/disabling it then giving the batch file the icon of the program you wish…

I too wish Comodo would realize that some users won’t like the services running in the background while we arent even using easyvpn/unite/system cleaner… etc

The batch file would look like something below

net start Cleaner_Validator
start /wait %programfiles%\COMODO\COMODO System-Cleaner\CSC.exe
net stop Cleaner_Validator

Hi Jacob sorry for the delay in responding.

I prefer not to use batch files.

What I have done was go to services.msc and change comodo system cleaner service from automatic to manaul. That has seemed to work.

In services.msc also changed Comodo Unite MultiLogon Service from Automatic to Manual
The results are questionable, as the icon still appears in the taskbar.

I also wonder if there might be some problems with the Tools-Options settings, some I have tried work and others I just don’t know?

Under Profile I set UncleDoug as my alias and check mark for everyone to only see that. Everytime I come back to that all those settings are gone. Not sure if it works or not.?

Under General I unchecked Launch at system startup, that seems to be working

Under Services I unchecked Logon to Comodo Unite System at System Startup, and again every time I go back to that area the checkmark is back?

On a fresh reboot in Windows Task Manager I find

Unite.exe under my user name using 14,088K of mem
EzBpnSvc.exe under system using 9,160K of mem and CPU usage flashed once 02
crdphSErvice.exe under system using 3,496K of mem

I don’t object to memory usage if it is a program I like and am using it.

But only active Security Programs should have ram usage when running in the background. Although many software programs even though non essential are programmed this way!

Suprised that as of now there is no Bug Report for Unite even under the Beta section but only for EzyVpn


Found that I had checked Automatically Login when Unite Starts
It seems that even though Unite has not started yet that check mark starts all those services.
When I uncheck it and reboot the only service that is running for Comodo Unite in the Task Manager is

In comparing Unite with my favorite multi IM Protocol I use Qnext. (There are many things Qnext does that Unite does not do yet, and one of the items Unite does is the Vpn connection, that Qnext does not do.

Trying the same settings no process is running until Qnext is clicked and then only 1 process QnextClient.exe using 49,152K, did find a problem that when I exit Qnext the process remains, not sure how long till it drops. I will write support, not sure what is going on as the Support Forums have been down for several weeks for redesign ??


Cleaner_Validator.exe is not just for the function of ActiveClean. It finds all redundant files so you do not have to scan for them in the CSC UI, they are all there ready listed for cleaning.

Hi MetaShaun, there are many advantages of Cleaner_Validator especially if you have enough ram.
I am currently limited to 1meg on this decade old (several years older) XP machine.
CSC seems to working well, although registry keys to be cleaned do not show up as often as they did before.

Did find out from Qnext Support that Qnext after it is exited will close almost imediately depending on how many Zones are open, JukeBox, Photo, File Sharing, and how many Buddies are connected. Qnext showed 2 in Aim, 1 MSN, 2 Yahoo and 9 in Facebook.
Today when exiting Qnext the QnextClient process ends after 4-5 seconds.

Did notice today that if Qnext is loaded it does not slow down the loading of Unite , but if Unite is loaded it does slow down Qnext loading quite a bit. Qnext does not load instantly but it really is slow with Unite loaded.

Under EasyVpn is Help and beta for both or will there be a seperate beta and Help section for Unite ?