Ram optimizer in CSC

I think it would be very “useful” to have a RAM optimization tool included in Comodo SYSTEM CLEANER…

What do you think?



can you give us few examples of ram optimizers you like pls.


Yes, I am glad too.

1: Fast Defrag ==> http://www.amsn.ro/
2: The RAM defragmentation tool included in Tune-up utilities suites
3: FreeRAMXP PRO ==> http://www.yourwaresolutions.com/software.html

These are a some programs I find good, but I do not think they are the best out there, because I do not know what is the best…

Maybe your RAM Optimization tool? ??? (:WIN)



freeramxp pro actually slowed down my computer, especially my startup. if comodo includes a ram optimizer then i hope it works good and not like some of the other optimizers wich is a joke.

Yes, I agree with you!

CSC must not include an utility that does not contribute to system optimization but to the opposite: system slow down…

If a RAM optimizer gets included, it must pass high certified quality control, before it can be included in the final product!

do they work to you DaRtH VaDeR? how? i have tried the one in tune-up utilities too but my computer didnt run faster.

Well these optimizers do not help up speed your system on a vista machine, because Microsoft has handled memory issues very well in windows vista and upcoming windows 7. The older versions of windows do have some problems with handling memory corruption and memory leaks, in these versions, a ram optimizer will help you a lot!

As far I can tell, the Fast defrag program, and the tune up ram optimizer do a great job on a xp machine… they free up a lot ram of unused programs, and sometimes they can help against memory leaks… But I am not sure about that…


For your information, there’s NO way to increase the amount of RAM other than buying some more. What so called ‘memory optimizers’ do, is to force as much RAM as possible into the pagefile, stored on the hard disk. Reading data from the pagefile instead of RAM is like 1,000 times slower.



It does not give you more RAM than you bought… But the RAM optimizer just frees up RAM space that is not released when a program is closed for example… So when windows forgets to free up ram memory, the ram optimizer takes care of that job and frees up memory of closed programs…

I do not know if all memory optimizers uses the method of using the hard disk, this only happens when there is no more memory available… windows, and ram optimizers can not free up any memory, so virtual memory is being used… Yes in that case, windows has to use the pagefile… but when there is ram left, an optimizer can extend the time you use the RAM, so it will take longer before the pagefile will be used…

Tune-up utilities has the best ram optimizer i have used thus far!..i am sure the comodo team can come up with something a little more efficient! :wink:

Yes I can confirm that Tune-up has a very good RAM optimizer! And I am sure COMODO is up for the challenge… (:WIN)

I agree with Rag. RAM optimizers are just a waste of RAM ! They have to run in the background to freeup RAM. Just add some more memory ! It’s cheap nowadys anyway. Unless you have an old laptop.

Yes, I agree with you that a RAM optimizer is useful for an old laptop with 1GB RAM or less… still it is worth to make such a program for those people who do not have the means to upgrade to a newer laptop or more RAM…


You misunderstood me. RAM optimizers are useless. They don’t speedup your PC, the actually slow it down ! The effect after clearing up RAM doesn’t last long. And after that the PC becomes slower, cos the CPU has to work. :slight_smile:

Yes I know those stories and some are actually true… But it just depends on what kind of RAM optimizer you use… (:WIN)

Nice article, it shows RAM optimizers can make a difference!


I use Clean Mem 1.3.0 and is the best, not slowdowns on my systems.

Would be interesting to hear from Melih or a developer on this issue… :THNK

we did look briefly into ram optimizers… our initial finding was that we didn’t think there were a lot to gain… however this was a cursory look and we could very well be wrong.