RAM just went bad

over the last year or so I have noticed my computer get slower and slower and now over the last few days my bios had been resetting itself. This morning I went to turn on the computer and all I got is a bunch of fast continuous beeps and not boot. I checked the PSU, video card with no problem found. Then I removed one of the sticks of ram and the system booted. I put the stick back in and it does not boot anymore.

Has anyone had any experience getting a RMA from Gskill?

Oddly enough, it might not be the memory. It could be the BIOS… possibly the battery or an interrupted hardware driver installation. It really depends on the memory type… on some motherboards, some memory requires a very specific setting to work (typically voltage and/or speed). If the BIOS resets, then this setting can be lost and the BIOS reverts to its default, thus becoming un-bootable for the memory installed.

How many sticks? What size/type? What happens if you swap them around?

Dude Languy99.

Change your battery for BIOS and use Memtest86+ to check for CPU,RAM errors.

bios battery has been changed in the last 3 or so months, not the problem. I have had the bios reset to stock and the system will still boot. Taking out one stick allows the system to boot up just fine, if I install the other stick the system will just hang and not do anything other then beep.

specs 2 sticks 1 GB each

pc2-6400 high speed ram. If I could get it to boot I would run memtest but it will not even get that far.

Try using automatic configuration in BIOS for RAM.

If your RAM has a guarantee and it is still under it and has not been damaged
intentionally you can replace it in the store you have purchased it in.

(On the RAM box there should be a sticker or a printed inscription on what is covered
by warranty.)

My G.Skill DDR2-800 F2-6400 2+2 GB are under warranty for 3 years.

The ram is totally bad, nothing I can do to make it work, it will not even post with it installed. I am running on one stick now. The warranty from he store is gone, it is only valid one year, but from what I know all G.Skill ram is limited lifetime warranty. Mine is almost 4 years old, so I sent in a RMA request form. I am also thinking about ordering another batch of 2 GB because I can find ones with the same timing, and voltage as what I got now at about $50 with free shipping, and when I get this stick back I can upgrade to 4GB total.

Nice to hear that you are going for 4 GB and one of the good things it will come
out of it is that your virtual machine for your reviews will run smoother. :slight_smile:

well I got an e-mail form G.Skill, they gave me an RMA number and hopefully I will get a new stick soon. I have also ordered another 2 sticks of ram, those should arrive here Thursday, I can’t wait. 4GB here I come.

If you have a CPU with PAE(physical address extension) and a 32 bit os with 4 gb
of ram you will be able to use all of the ram.Just a reminder if someone else is reading this.

well I have an E6300, I know older but it is over clocked a ton. But I can’t seem to find a list that shows if the CPU supports it.