Ram - but witch one ?

The are soooooo many companys making the bons of ram . Is it a diference between , witch one you bay ?
Are the all the same according performance and life expectancy.

Witch one will you recomend.

Have to buy a 4 GB 1333MHz for a laptop

Actually, there are a lot of companies that build RAM modules, but there aren’t very many companies that make the actual RAM chips.

Samsung makes good chips, as does Winbond, Elpida, and Micron.

For manufacturers, I like Samsung and Crucial. (Crucial is the company Micron formed to sell its RAM to consumers) And for assemblers, I like Mushkin.

:■■■■ Thanks HeffeD for the good info about Crucial because they are the cheapest a found online .

Before you buy any RAM, be sure to check the motherboard manufactures web site for a comparability chart. Surprisingly, not all RAM is guaranteed to work flawlessly with all motherboards.

(:WAV) Thanks ,will do it .

(:CLP) yooop now is it 4GB Crucial instaled , good price at PC World £ 17.49 .

Now together 8 GB raning :-TU

Thanks you all for help.