RAM after updating

Hello ! After some updates antivirus engine to increase utilization of ram about 140 megabytes Before the update workload was about 420 megabytes of RAM , after upgrading about 560 megabytes Will that be a permanent phenomenon ? CIS now occupies about 300 megabytes of RAM . Thank you for your early reply ! Excuse my English .

Hi Bulo. Seems as if you have a problem, issue or fault of some kind. Maybe some more details will help with a solution. My CIS uses est 20mb normal. Maybe up to 60mb during manual full scan. Good luck.

Hi , not a virus problem , or hardware . CIS xp sp3 took me so far about 120 megabytes of RAM , even after reinstalling CIS constantly around 300 megabytes ram.Pozoroval say that it happened after updating the antivirus engine . Test with other virus scanner and firewall goes well . All test pieces of software are running as they have. I had the latest version of the CIS . Yet I’ll try to install an older version of the CIS .

Same issues here, sort of:


Confirmed. The last virus signature causes the huge usage of virtual memory -up to 300MB-.
As a collateral efect, CEVPN freezes and causes the system to freeze too.
Tested on Win 7 x64 and XP SP3

and set the time on the question of the introduction to my topic - will have a lasting effect , or comodo remedy this situation ?

i can live with 300MB. It’s much, but I can live with it. I run XP x64 with 8GB, pagefile turned off completely. ‘idle’ mem usage of cmdagent.exe is now at 317MB (private bytes).

My last scheduled scan peaked at 4441 MB !!! (see attachment) I don’t know, when this started, or even if it was different before, but this is unacceptable.

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CAV is chomping on mem like PAC does to Jelly Monsters!

By the way, this has been reported here:


also if you check the Antivirus sig update thread, linked in the thread above, you’ll see the sig has also recently doubled in size.

hem, hem… 4.5 GB ???

You so far get the record, but I think the two problems are directly linked.

I noticed the same - as VM usage and sig size increased, peak mem also increased. In your case, rather dramatically

It definitely has some resource issues to iron out!

error corrected, the value of RAM to original values :-TU !ot!

Back to normal. Well done team!!!