RAID question.

I tried installing Time machine but it says not to because of a raid controller. Raid is when using 1 or more hard drives IIRC, but my computer only has 1 hard drive so would i be able to install time machine even with the raid controller?

I have this computer and have not changed anything hardware wise.
It came with Intel storage matrix installed already which has the raid controller.

So is time machine safe to use on this computer?

Yes, you can.

I was just trying to open a new thread but I saw this one , anyway my laptop has 2 HD with RAID control and I got this warning which in a way freaks me out

so can I install it because I would really love to try it out , however , I don’t want to corrupt my system :frowning:

When i installed CTM is messed up the MBR. I restored it using partition wizard. Un-installed it, then tried installing it again resulting in the MBR being messed up agin. Any ideas on why this is happening or should i just give up trying to install CTM?

What are you calling “messing MBR”? Which is the error message?
Maybe it would be better if you start a new thread for your specific problem and not in this one.

CTM installer will backup and modify MBR, but not “messed” it. When you uninstall CTM, CTM will use the backup MBR to recovery.

Well i get a BSOD when i try and start my computer. But it is fixed by using the rebuild MBR function in partition wizard. So CTM is messing up the MBR for some reason.

BSOD error code.
0x0000007B(0x82004BA0, 0xC0000034, (one other number that i dont have a photo of))