raid controller

I get an error message when trying to install ctm in windows 7 ultimate. “R.A.I.D. CONTROLLER DETECTED” and advised not to proceed.
Is there no support for this or am I doing something wrong?

No, it is not supported.


I have the same problem on my desktop computer. I wish they would fix this.

If RAID is not enabled in your system, you can just ignore it and move on.


How do I know if RAID is enabled or disabled? Thank you

If you have only one harddisk, then RAID must be disabled.
If you can find all harddisks in Computer Management->Disk Management, it means RAID is disabled.
To know how many harddisks your machine owns, please turn to hardware specification or manufacturer.

Thanks for reply. I have just one harddisk with two partitions, so in my pc have to be RAID disabled.