R.A.T That no Anti-Virus has detected <<<Your Welcome

I have decided to release information on what is known as a “Trojan” but really is a R.A.T. I have submitted the file, and I have got some information on it.

Size 676352
MD5 e15b88e502596610be7e4bbf3710966d
SHA1 b40555d335df834a2020b9194fde05f6b4a7088a
SHA256 5e118e5326c7916d757fbab0ba4e02cd9419210cb74c4d64556afeac6af84834
Process Exited

Moved to the f/p board.

Hi Recrosardo,

The file was found as being malicious and detection will be available soon.


You welcome, I feel so great that I could help. It really bothered me, because I am insider on a Black Hat site, and I want to help people to be protected. It also bothered me, because these “Anti-Viruses” or “Anti-Malaware” Programs were not helping, so I was like “I’m reporting this to help!” Anyways, thank you for not ignoring my concerns, I hope that one day Comodo develops a team who reports files from the inside. I may report more, btw Grieve Crypter has bypassed all AVs, which is what that file is crypted with. Thank you for the 100th time! Glad I could help, good day to you good sirs/mams.

My apologies, and much thanks.

Np, that’s what mods are here for among other things.