Quttera and alternatives to threatfire?

I found this site accidentally

Anyone tested it? It’s a possible alternative to threatfire i think.

And another thing, guys. Do you know of any alternative to threatfire?

Immunet is one:)

I was thinking more of a rule-based behavior blocker rather than a companion antivirus :wink:

BSTdownload.com review and score
Quttera editor’s ratings

Resources score: 32/35
Ease of use score: 18/20
Look and feel score: 7/10
Functionality score: 25/35

Quttera is a free antivirus software which scans for malware and infected multimedia files. It is capable to detect hidden shellcodes in multimedia files and uses signatureless detection combined with heuristic methods to find and eliminate malware.

Shellcodes can hide in data and multimedia files, exploiting a software vulnerability a command shell is started which lets the attacker to control the infected computer.

This software recognizes malware that infects music files, movie files, picture files, text files etc. It offers a real time protection and an on demand scanner to detect and clean the system.

The scanning process of files may take more minutes, for a successful detection of malware it is recommended to download always the latest version of the software.

I really don’t trust their reviews. They don’t make it as transparent. Really couldn’t tell if it’ll apply to my pc or not. After all, the performance of the applications depend also on the computer specs. If they provided that, I might have made a guess on whether or not it’ll suit my needs. Second, how did they test it’s efficacy? maybe the process, but that can be quite misleading. Dynamic, real life testing should be done.

I have tried quttera and i don’t find it good.

I would really appreciate it if you’d explain why you didn’t “find it good”. :smiley:

  1. it’s not uptodate
  2. you don’t have many option
  3. the scanning takes ages (atleast for me)
  4. when i uninstalled it then program was still running (even after a reboot) which i find strange.