Quill has left the building.

Just a quick apology to anyone I (Quill) may have been in the process of helping. Unfortunately, due to some rather childish behaviour, by a certain individual, behind the scenes, I feel I am no longer able to remain as a moderator on these forums.

[at] Quill,

Sorry to see you go Quill - real sorry.

Your quiet, level headed manner will be sorely missed around here (both in the foreground and in the background).

I understand the reasons for your departure and appreciate you placing a farewell here.

[at] Anyone Quill was in the middle of helping - can you please PM me with either links to your queries or copies of correspondence between you and Quill and I’ll see what I can do to either respond or to re-assign it to someone who can continue where Quill left off.

Vale Quill. :’(

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Quill,

That is very sad message and a big loss for this forum

Nobody should neither know what happened ”behind the scenes” nor judge your decision about being a moderator,
but I hope that you will continue to provide you extremely valuable help and share your knowledge and experience here whether that’s under the same or different name.

My kind regards

Without any info on what has gone up, let’s not put a name to something now, even if it has a question mark after it (please don’t be offended, and feel the need to get angry over it). On another note, thanks to the OP for letting us all know, and it’s sad to see another active helper go. As others have suggested, your help would be gladly recieved by many newbies, so why not do it under another name. As people like you, and many others who help on this forum clearly like doing so.

why does everyone delete their account when they leave? >:(

Quill :’(

“It is Sad, and I wonder that too, but respect their decision…”

I think it feels as some “final” decision, and not a loose end that one could comeback to…
(well there are exceptions to the rule :wink: )

Sorry to see you go Quill :’(

You will be missed, Quill.

Indeed 88)

Check your PMs Sax.

Panic STRIKES again

“Now I better run off and hide!” >:-D

Very sorry to see you leave here Quill. :frowning:

You have been a great help to many including myself. God bless you :a0


What’s going on?

Though I didn’t know Quill that well, I’m sorry to see him leave.

I don’t know why…I dislike account deletions too.

Déjà vu… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I certain someone who has done it quite often… :stuck_out_tongue: (I think he blames it on alcohol 88))

I was hoping you knew! ;D ;D Maybe you and I can sniff it out. 88)

I think it may have to do with this and what’s behind this https://forums.comodo.com/general-discussion-off-topic-anything-and-everything/upcoming-change-to-these-forums-terms-and-conditions-t51621.0.html

Interesting hypothesis…

I’m afraid pondering this subject without real proof won’t do much good though; maybe even cause us to start disliking some. :wink: And it may be good that most of us don’t know!

I know what’s going on.
Let’s torture GANDA!!!. >:-D
GANDA knows something!!! ;D

Who are you? ???

Probably he does. :smiley:

Right now he just has one post…did he join just to say that? :smiley: Maybe he is Quill?

Probably someone who is not as “new” as their post count would indicate. 88)

I too am sorry to see him go.

We are grateful for all the good work he did.