Quicksys ?

i want to know if this defrag is good
Btw : It is free :slight_smile:

Hey 4sb

I’ve checked out this product; Only bad thing i would have to say is that it comes with the good old ask toolbar… Good thing is Its better then windows’ built in defragger thats for sure…

Me; For Windows I would use Auslogics (Best Free Defrag Software [Download] — Auslogics Disk Defrag)

It’s free and so far Its the best i’ve used so far… just my two cents…

hope this helps…


Puran Defrag is now free. It’s the best. Auslogics is probably the fastest, but it doesn’t have any optimizing algorithms the last time I used it; it just straight out defrags files.

hehe You should check it out now; :slight_smile:

Soya; whats the difference between the paid version and the free version of puran?

Their site tells they are same:

Use JkDefrag|MyDefrag for ages. Interesting to know whether Puran Defrag surpasses it :-X

Indeed they are exactly the same. Aftering using Puran, I don’t feel like testing other defragmenters. It has that “perfect” feeling to it :). Also, Auslogics doesn’t include boot-time defrag yet. I remember emailing the creator why the portable version left some registry key…basically, it wasn’t a bug but intentional. I usually don’t like programs that aren’t really what they claim to be.

There is a portable version without toolbar. :slight_smile: