QuickHeal Total Security 2013 review

again just like McAfee,QuickHeal sucks and can’t even stop a rootkit

thats funny, is the reviewer from comodo. I wonder why people are so excited to downgrade themselves and get into unethical business practises of allowing ill comments about its competition. Shame on you comodo, you guys suck.!!!

Jack you should stop posting on the forums as everything you say is WRONG. Comodo is the best that’s it


i don’t work with anyone im interdependent av tester

and besides i know how to remove a rootkit safely as well.btw JackW if you think your have pc knowledge why not and try to remove a rootkit safely otherwise get out of the forum JackW

Before this gets out of hand guys, please be aware that continued back and forth bickering will result in a temporary posting ban.