Quicken portfolio update doesn't work

With Comodo firewall version, Quicken 2005’s portfolio updates don’t succeed. The correct popups happen, but the update doesn’t happen. Quicken uses Internet Explorer for this. Other instances of Internet Explorer (version 6.0.2800.1119) seem to work properly.

With ZoneAlarm’s firewall, Quicken’s portfolio update works correctly, but Internet Explorer doesn’t work correctly–I can only connect to my home URL.

Windows 2000, comcast cable ISP.

Strange behavior. Any guesses?

Hi, from what I understand, this “may” be a quicken issue. It has problems with it’s dll’s, silent kernel.32 errors which are obviously not shown, and causes problems with IE and it’s own updating. The most common practice to solve it is to uninstall quicken and your security software, reinstall quicken before running your security software, then reinstall your security software. You may also try to manually update quicken. While I am not saying this isn’t a CPF conflict, this is a common error with quicken and security software. I would do the suggested and see how it works.

Here is the manual downloads they give when Quicken updates don’t work…


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Just to let you know I am running Quicken Deluxe 2006 and have no problems updating Quicken or using IE “inside” of Quicken. Installed Comodo after installing Quicken. Attached is a picture of my rules for Quicken update access. The scratched rule is just to my ISP DNS IP’s.

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I too use Quicken, but it doesn’t use IE at all to connect to the internet. It does however use some of the settings from within IE. All I do is select the update portfolio box while in the program and away it goes.
I have the following rule set for QW.exe:

QW.EXE any any TCP/UDP out

Good luck.

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