Quick Scan Issue

Had a bit of a problem with CIS recently with the Agent not starting yet CIS diagnostics not finding any errors. So fixed it in the usual way by uninstalling (using the remove CIS batch file) and reinstalling and all appeared to be working ok until I came to do a quick scan…

Inclusive of checking for signature updates the scan took 13 seconds!

Now I am all in favor of a fast scan 88) but surely this is way too fast?

Have I set something incorrect in the settings or is CIS really this fast now ;D

Welcome any ideas.

Hence the reason its called a quick scan. If you want to run a complete scan then run the full scan. A quick scan just checks known malware areas such as User/App. Not the entire computer.

CIS is also using caching, so it will not scan things that doesn’t need scanning, if a file has already been scanned it won’t be scanned again until either the file changes or the database gets updated.

very good explanation friend thanks :-TU

That mainly applies to post scans and not pre scans.

Cheers for the thoughts. I guessed the Quick Scan might mean it was fast ;D but am used to other products’ quick scans taking between 2 to 5 mins and I was convinced CIS used to take longer than that.

Maybe just my imagination or maybe I am mixing up scan times with inferior products >:-D

The caching kinda makes sense but 13 secs just seemed too fast like I had set something incorrectly or there was a problem but if it runs that fast on your PCs then I won’t worry.

Thanks again :-TU

Mine takes ~4 seconds.

What you also need to remember too is that comodo will perform a cloud scan of your computer as soon as it is installed so any subsequent scans will be significantly fast as your files have already been scanned via the cloud.