Quick Question About Internet Security..

Lately Ive been wondering If I got commodo internet security and its all set up properly with settings.

Do I really need malwarebytes.

Just curious :o.

Nothing has 100% protection, I use the free version of Malwarebytes just to scan every couple of weeks just incase Comodo and Avast misses anything.

Yeah that was my reason for keeping it too.

Better safe then sorry :P.

Malwarebytes is another layer, and it with Hitman Pro, Virus Total, and the awesomeness that is Comodo IS combined together. I think it makes for a good overall protection scheme. Add Zemana (free or paid) for the KeyCrypt SDK for key encryption and your off to a good start.

Whilst MBAM free, Hitman Pro, VT, CIS and Zemana are overall fine recommendations,

I’d rather like to see CIS culminating. :wink:

In my latest keylogging tests, only combining Zemana with SpyShelter (whilst running CIS at it’s highest level) would’ve prevented any possible KL attack.

So, well, my next addition to the “wish list” might be something like:

Please “harden” CIS in such a way that it will DETECT and TERMINATE all atm possible kinds of keylogging activities known to the world.
There are many available tests out there, btw. Neither CIS alone, Zemana alone, Spyshelter alone are capable of preventing all those methods, obviously.

There’s still some work to do.

Kind regards, REBOL. :wink:

If you want to increase the detection of zero day malware - yes Malwarebytes undoubtedly will help you in it. Though you are pretty safe with pure CIS as well.

In case you don’t really want to worry that much, you should increase sandbox level to “Fully Virtualised”.

Anyway, always run a MBAM scan like once a month to make sure everything is OK.