quick question about FW behavior

Good day to all

I’m new to the forum and a bit new with COMODO, I would just like to clarify on some things I find weird when I started using Win7 from WinXP (skipped Vista)

ok here is the scenario

using win7 and comodo 4…

when I finished installing comodo 4 (free version) the first time I hooked my netbook to our home network (capable through LAN and WLAN) I hooked it to LAN first, automatic network detection(comodo) popped up and it gave me an option to name the network and the 2 checkboxes one for being available for file sharing and stuff and the other for not to detect other networks automatically. ((I had a previous experience with winXP and checked both boxes as I want to file share with my home network and at the same time not be annoyed with automatic network detection.)) I did that with win7 and comodo4… so everything went well… I could share my files even with the other computers running windows XP.

The weird thing I noticed though, is that when I disconnected with LAN and used WLAN instead, filesharing was not possible with the windows XP computers anymore :-[… I verified the case by using LAN again and viola I could see the windows XP computers with their shared folders. I did a bit of testing… i reinstalled comodo 4 and hooked to WLAN first… same thing happened pop up came and checkbox were there and clicked both… I disconnected WLAN and connected to LAN… and I could not see the windows XP computers again…

I did a bit more testing… and just checked the first box (fully available for filesharing and print sharing), I didn’t check the second box because I hoped that the automatic detection will come up again when I will hook my netbook to the second connection (WLAN or LAN) but alas it wont detect the network again (simply because its the same router only the connection method is different) but why can’t I share through the second if I can share through the first connection?

This does not happen in winXP at all…

things to remember:

the WLAN and LAN are on the same router
win7 pc could not see winXP pc using the second connection

how could I fix this or is there something I’m doing wrong?

thanks in advance

:-[ 33 views and no reply :-[ is sure hope there is someone out there who shares the same experience as me