Quick question about Comodo and Azureus

Ok well I have gone though everything, its all set up right, router, firewall, ect. No worries about that.
My question is that when I use Azureus (Vuze) I get dozens, if not hundreds of blocked attempts on “Windows Operating System” for the same ports that I use Azureus. All of them are UDP.
Basically to sum everything up, why am I getting connections for Azureus but they are trying to accessing the idle CPU?

What port is your router port forwarded to? If you have a router the only rule you need for Comodo is trusted. What are your rules for Comodo? What are your global rules?

Incoming TCP is 50010 and UDP is 31294.
It is the 50010 in for Windows Operating System that is getting blocked, however like I said, it is UDP according to Comodo.
Just noticed that my router also has the 50010 forward port set to any, maybe Ill just switch it to TCP only and have the router block everything so I dont have to stare at it anymore.

Your router is whats important here and not Comodo.