Quick fix for the moving CIS Widget.

Howdy all,

I love the CIS widget but have one HUGE gripe with it. It doesn’t stay put!
Running multiple monitors and play a game? Widget moves. >:(

So I made a quick and dirty little AutoHotkey script to monitor this widget with wonderlust and move him to his designated spot on my secondary monitor.


SetTimer ComWidget, 2000 ; Time to wait before running the script

WinMove, ahk_class CisWidget, 2105,35 ;Moves widget to desired location

2000 is how long the script waits before moving the CIS Widget, just a couple seconds or so.
2105,35 are the X and Y coordinates of the upper left corner of the CIS Widget.

Modify those three variables to suit your preferences and widget location.

Hopefully Egemen will reign in the wascally widget in a coming update. :stuck_out_tongue: