Quick Cliq Alerts ?

I am using Comodo Firewall (Safe Mode) with Defense+ (Safe Mode) only (no AV or Sandbox)
Microsoft Security Essentials
All are up to date.

I downloaded Quick Cliq launcher which is Portable and based on AutoHotKey
When first launched Quick Cliq has “Automatically check for updates” ticked by default and Defense+ popped up the following:

3 Modify Registry alerts (screenshots QC 01 - 02 - 03)
1 Access DNS/RPC alert (screenshot QC 04)
\RPC Control\DNSResolver

I Blocked these and then Quick Cliq wanted to connect to the internet which I have Allowed.
I have unticked the automatic update but this happens when I look for Updates manually (how I got the screenshots)

I have uploaded the Quick Cliq file to VirusTotal and it gets Result: 0 /43 (0.0%) See report here

Although I believe this software is totally legit and safe I have never seen this type of alert before and was wondering if someone could explain what is happening and confirm if it is ‘normal’ or a False Positive or whatever.
Should I Allow or Block ?

Edit: I ticked “Send the file to Comodo for analysis”

All the best, woz of oz

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You can safely allow these requests, there are normal for an application which connects to the internet.

As you are certain that the software you downloaded is safe, you should move it in your trusted applications to reduce possibly future alerts from CIS.